Thursday, June 21, 2007

Post Titled: STAR WARS Dork-Off, June 20, 2007 Lost Angeles
My cousin Mikey (aged 6, also Gemini), who I haven't seen since he has started talking, had some very long complicated STAR WARS discussions, even though he hasn't seen all the movies yet- it was difficut explaining the Dark Side of the Force to him, particularly why the Emperor doesn't use a lightsaber but rather prefers to shoot lightning from his fintertips
"What doe the lightinging do to the people, does it turn them to the Dark Side? How do people turn to the dark side? How did Anakin Skywalker become Darth Vader" (he hasn't seen Episode 3 yet) "Why was Lando working for Jabba?" etc, etc.
"Wellll..." then comes 45 minutes of explaining and more Q & A... it is kind of scary, I realised that i know a whole lot about the Star Wars Universe, much more than the average joe.


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Where to comment is the question, it's all so wonderful, the claque claps, the claque is insanely jealous, the claque would be reduced to tonguetied inarticulacy by a 6-year-old clued up on Star Wars

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