Monday, June 25, 2007

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Ok, just spent two days in Newport Beach (Orange County) with Vern Dawg, I like it. Perhaaaaps a few too many muscle-bound dudes talking about fucking the toned girls in bikinis (of which there were also many) but it is a'ight. a different california. Actually, all I did was drink, hang out in the sun poolside and read. Repeat.

Friday upon arriving in Orange County we hit up Aire, a resteraunt which Vernon will be opening a new nightclub above in August. They have a tornado fire. We stayed until 3 or 4am talking with the head chef -actually listening to him gush about his love for foie gras and then debating the Iraq war- I rarely talk about the Iraq war anymore, but Vern offers and interesting perspective: "I think they should re-institute the draft, that way everyone would feel the effect of having a family member over there, bot just the poorest percentile, and then they might think twice about what they are doing."

Saturday- went back to Aire and actually ate the food that had been talked about the night before, good stuff. Saw Amy and Amanda LAtimore, then picked up Brooke, went to a WIERD dance club- the best thing about which were the scantily clad asian go-go girls, but for the most part the place was packed with hundreds of OC skanks and smarmy guys. We just kind of huddled and chatted. Amy, Brooke and I all happen to be engaged at the moment, that his an unusual coincedence...

Vern threw a rad barbecue party Sunday. After some hectic shopping we managed to be prepared as people started arriving (whilst I was still assemnling the new patio set)


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ps. my dad lives in dana point...a few towns over.

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