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Post Titled: Is there actually any reason to Trust Google?
Nigel raises a good point in his recent comment on the Google COnspiracy Post (Click here for original post)
"why would you trust Google? Let's say they're not evil now, but turn to the dark side later. There's no way for you to take away the data that they might have gathered about you. It's theirs to do what they like with. If they're not evil, but evil people get access to their data you're also a victim.
Trust is earned over time and lost in an instant. Can you ever imagine trusting your government for instance?"

and Vernon won't switch to Gmail because he doesn't trust google scanning his email... for me there isn"t any reason not to trust Google, but then again- is there any reason TO trust them?

Hmm... HMMMMMM...

Anyhow, we went to a film night the other night in the storefront aparement of a guy named Udo, he showed "The Birth of the B-52" CORRECTION per Nadine, the film is actually BIRTH OF THE B-29" an old War Department film which called the Japanese "The little people who wanted to take over the world!" in that quintessentially American oldschool radio broadcaster voice, it was kind of awesome.
Part 1:

LinK: Parts 2 &3 I wish they would make some of those about terrorists now so future generations could sit back, watch and be amazed at our boorishness. Then again... Pearl Harbor + retaliation + enter war + atom bomb... if by learning from history we actually mean "not repeating the exact same mistakes again" then we are doing ok... by creating new mistakes to learn from... anyhow, I have completely run out of ideas or suggestions how anyone can/could fix any of the mess we are in.
THe second film- was some sort of French collage-animation, slept through it. THe third, however, was Fischli and Weiss "Der Lauf Der Dinge" (the run of things) which is a half-hour of objects painstakingly affecting one another in a domino-fashionlike this:
and a longer segment:

but, yea, for a half hour, nuts. There were a lot of german guys with glasses there, the one next to me asked me what I thought of the end of the film as the steam bubbles away from the last chemical reaction... I just said I thought it couldn't go any further because there was nothing else set-up for it to affect. He wasn"t satiffied, and thought there should"ve been a long shot of things set-up off into the horizon... hm.

I was looking for a copy of the B-52 film, but all I found was this creepy video of Nuclear explosions set to techno:


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honey, its B29!

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Blogger nana tartar said...

honey, its b 29.....

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