Saturday, June 02, 2007

Post Titled: The Little Aesthetic Nazi on your shoulder who won't stop whistering in your ear.
I think I hinted at this argument a few years back- but it was just reawakened in my senses (well, come to think of it- this maybe a result of having been outside the untied states for 8 months now) but I haven't come across much Faeiry or Kitschy Art recently, that is- until I receieved a Myspace friend request from Fantasy Gallery art and was swept-up into another world...

TO which my response was "... Oh my god..." I guess it has just been long enough that I had forgotten about the world of... whatever this kind of art is... then try to compare it in my mind to the likes of Thomas Kinkaide, the Painter of Light, showin in most major American Shopping Malls, and/or Jeff Koons- a sculptor of Kitsch, shown in most major Museums in the Western Hemisphere.
Kinkaide, who seems to have recently also aquired a split personality witht he persona of "Robert Girrard" say this of his most recent work:

"Gingerbread Cottage is based on a real 19th Century house I discovered in Southern England. The whimsical structure with its brick, stone, wood filigree, shingle siding, awnings, dormers, and spires, revels in a spirit of romantic excess. Here is the fairy tale charm of Hansel and Gretel's Gingerbread Cottage brought to life.
The front garden is a riot of rainbow colors with lavish flowers dancing in the evening breeze. I've provided a whimsical bench from which you may enjoy the advance of evening at Gingerbread Cottage.

-Thomas kinkade "

whimsical bench? decide for yourselves, folks:
See this amazing work on the left and, well, a well-known Koons on the right:

and god bless wimpkiller for the Kinkaide remix:


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