Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Post Titled: Lost Angeles

Here! Santa Monica Pier. Like Coney Island of the West. Well, not really, but at first glance- ... after margeritas on the end of the pier we walked back towards the beach and there was a huge plume of black smoke in the distance behind the ferris wheeel.

Spent the night at Manu's in East LA, I am not sure if I have been here before, and I am intimidated about driving,,....
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Blogger jesika said...

oh dear...i'm starting to feel like the food advice grandma...

ask someone to take you to the soy man! he makes the most delicious vietnamese tofu hoagies! an alagria on sunset in silverlake/echo park is my favorite joint for fish tacos. millie's (down the block) is a super brunch joint. los angeles....yum.

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