Monday, July 16, 2007

Post Titled: City Mouse, Beach Bum Tourist Mouse
Nadine and I just got back from the weekend in Ostseebad Binz on the island of Rügen on the Ostsee (Baltic Sea) which was completely refreshing and necessary.
I think we could actually feel the weigt of our worries and responsibilities come crashing down on us as the train pulled into the Huaptbahnhof last night. But nevertheless, Binz, despite being a very touristy litle beacch town, it really nice- I mean, we were surrounded by sunburnt Germans, families, old guys in crazy-patterened Speedos, babies, and Sommerurlaub absurdity, but it was fine, really hit the spot.
I just feel at home at the beach- I don't know if this has anything to do with the fact that my mother took me to the beach constantly for the first year of my life or not, but I really just get a completely calm and whole feeling there.

Can't remember if I have mentioned this before but the German beaches are (or can be) full of naked babies and kids. It is kind of a funny thing and an ongoing issue with Nadine and I - like, I really don't recall every kids between the ages of 0 and 6 being naked on American beaches, and I can't really explain why. Is it a Public Heallth issue? Either way, I think the early start makes it much easier for the Germans to change right there on the beach out of their bathing suits- which is somethign it took me years to get accustomed to. I mean, it is simple and practical, wrapa a towl around yourself, yank off wet bathing suit and hop into underwear.
"Why are the Americans so spiessig about this?" Nadine usually askes.
"I dunno- I mean, we just aren't used to undressing in front of one-another. Not to mention my friend's brother was arrested for urinating in public (he'd lived in England and Germany all his life), that might have something to do with it... we have - what are they called? Public decency laws?"
Anyhow, Binz, being a little tourist wunderland, really hit the spot. JUst hop on a train, - oh, wait, almost forgot, the Deutsche Bahn with a Wochenende ticket in the RE bahn is NOT cool. We got onto a cattle-car first that must've been 100 degrees and had about negative 200 seats available. Thank got we got off that train and waited for the next, arriving early and getting seats in a much cooler and newer 2nd class car. Then there were 2 verspaetungen which caused us to miss 2 connections so trip that should've taken 4 hours took most of the day- BUT, we arrived, got a nice little room in a slightly spiessig pension and then jumped into the ice-cold Ostsee water. The water kind of puts your system into shock, but after a few minutes you can't really feel the cold and are able to swim on some kind of survival-comfort level.


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