Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Post Titled: Europe learns to stop fearing the Germans
By Gideon Rachman
From the Financial Times

and ripped from an english translation of an italian article via EuroTopics:
"For American political theorist Francis Fukuyama, the failure of the European multicultural dream eats away at the foundations of democracy. "In Europe, after the Second World War, there was a strong commitment to adopt a European identity. But with the rejection of the European Constitutional Treaty in France and Holland in 2005, citizens signalled to their elites that they weren't ready to renounce national sovereignty to the state. ... Contrary to the United States, national identities in Europe are based on ethnicity. The majority of European countries tend to conceive of multiculturalism as a frame in which different cultures coexist rather than a mechanism that integrates new arrivals into the dominant culture. ... The European failure to integrate Muslims is a time bomb that has already contributed to terrorism and which will provoke a strong reaction from grassroots organisations.""

In another article Fukuyama states:

"'I believe that the European Union more accurately reflects what the world will look like at the end of history than the contemporary United States. The EU's attempt to transcend sovereignty and traditional power politics by establishing a transnational rule of law is much more in line with a 'post-historical' world than the Americans' continuing belief in God, national sovereignty, and their military.'"

ALSO, from the BBC, this is -err, well, bound to happen, or probably has been going on for awhile?:
"Imagine a man whose entire life revolves around social networking.
It occupies all his business and personal time and keeps him so busy that he struggles to keep up with the constant messages, blog posts and photos. So busy, in fact, that he now pays someone to be him online."

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