Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Post Titled: No Fighting in the WAR ROOM.
Post SubTitled: Dr. StrangePutin or Dr. Strange-...uhm,"us" Re-revisited...again

Yesterday, walking by the same Berlin Wall blown-up photoinfo displays I walk by every day, I actually stopped to read a brief description of what happened during the Cuban Missle Crisis and was shocked and delighted to realized that it was more or less (well, very similar)
to Dr. Strangelove (which is one of my favorite movies)- I KNOW this must all sound very ignorant at this point, like- whyyy did it take me 27 years to find out the basics of the Cuban Missile Crisis??? Well... keine ahnung. I had a GENERAL idea of what it was:
Communists installing nuclear missles in Cuba, which would, of course, be pointed at us... us getting very uppity about that idea...
Hmm, ... ok, so maybe the only thing I learned about from the Berlin wall was the
outcome/resolution and about the direct phoneline setup between Kremlin and the White House-
do they still use that phone, and why aren't they using it NOW? From the Guardian:

"The current fad of tearing up vital arms-control agreements was started by America when it abrogated the anti-ballistic missile treaty in order to build its missile shield. Russia followed suit on Saturday by announcing that it would suspend its obligations under the conventional forces in Europe (CFE) treaty. If the trend continues, the intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty could be next. And then Europe, freshly liberated from the cold-war threat of instant extinction, will be bristling with missiles. The US will have its missile interceptor base in Poland and a long-range radar in the Czech Republic that can direct a missile on to a target anywhere in Russia. To counter that, Russia will deploy long-range Iskander missiles in its enclave in Kaliningrad, behind the line of the Baltic states and right on the Polish border. Heavy tanks will once again roam the forests of Germany and central Russia, just like the good old days."


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Blogger Michelle said...

wellllll..... these treaties are sort of considered to be ancient relics anyway, they don't really address the "threats" that europe, russia or the u.s. faces today. believe me russia does not have enough money forthere to be the sort of arms race we saw in the cold war, and besides, no reason to do that again. russia may not be our bf but theyare certainly not the "enemy" anymore. everyone is far more worried about what is going on in the middle east and afghanistan. and lawlessness in africa - darfur and pirates and terrorists and whatnot. yes pirates. real ones.

1:12 pm  
Blogger Michelle said...

oh, and the passport crisis. almost forgot to add that to the Great List of Worries. List of Great Worries?

1:13 pm  

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