Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Post Titled: Will most likely not be weaned...
Hmm, ok. I will not complain about the state support of the arts in Europe... in fact, I am definitely flip-flopping on how I actually feel about it, I eman what is creation without struggle? What is a 3 year old painting student doinf just crusing by, "studying" studying- hungry- perhaps, but not starving, hmpf? Dinno, just throwing out generalizations.

STOLEN FROM EUROTOPICS (because I can't read French)
"Luxembourg - Woxx
Should the state continue subsidising culture?
Luxembourg has been designated one capital of European culture for 2007. This has sparked an outpouring of cultural events, up to the point where the journalist Luc Caregari asks if public subsidies are still necessary. "Artistic creation has, little by little, gotten used to state support, which also pushes it into a sort of sick dependence. Is a piece of theatre that criticises current policies still credible if it is funded by those who it criticises? It's one of the questions that most contemporary artists don't like asking. Even with all that lies ahead, it will become the inevitable challenge of artistic practice in our regions. Dependence on bureaucracy or selling-out to sponsors, artists have to choose. Before others make the choice for them."

Office Space update: Lyrics to Wu-Tang's "Method Man" from 36 ChambersHERE -read them, they're, like, ridiculous.


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