Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Post Titled: Racist German T-Shirt now selling big on eBay

Actually, I don't know of that is true , but if this headline is true: "F**K You China" creates a stir in China's blogosphere.

My (effed-up, err, uhh; to-the-point) response to this on CONVERSATIONage will probably not be published, and just as a disclaimer NO I am not a racist I just get so bored of people accusing each other of racism... so bored. SO SO soooo bored and annoyed. Having said that let me accuse the continent of Europe of racism. I mean, as an american born in 1980 one gets indoctrinated with tolerance and acceptance training from the time you start school (which is all well and good, but you do get a bit burn out) and then you move to Europe and all of the sudden it is like starting from square one all over again... its like stepping back in time almost- and I am not saying that all white Europeans are racist, but there is a definte underlying current- a tendency amongst the majority to NOT quite treat minorities like full human beings... and/or are simply completely unaware of their own deep-seeded predjudices...
POST CSR ASIA -well, what the heck, this is a complex matter and I am not even qualified to discuss it really... but it does exist, and may continue to thrive/survive until "old Europe" or at least "old-school thought" in Europe dies out.

My deliberately effed-up comment on CONVERSATIONAGE:

"Dude, shouldn't those chinks shut the *** up and get back to work, they've got a globe to conquer.

(Just kidding.awh, ***, that was wrong.) (Ugh, -where's my coffee?)

But seriously, this shirt demonstrates something(a) - or rather "manifests" two important things:

the inherant racism of mainland Europe, of which it doesn not care/is not challenged by/ is not usually even aware of-


this could just be a result of the cooler-than-thou cynical hispter sense of humor, which only the cynical hipster culture can truly smirk at, oops. sorry china.
A Cracker in Kraut-land"


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