Friday, August 24, 2007

Post Titled: oh, good.

IBM Study: Internet Overtakes TV Time
by Erik Sass HERE

-that link should work now, gracias helen


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Blogger Ithaca said...

I get a 404 when I click on this link

1:24 pm  
Blogger Ithaca said...

Thanks, that's great. Well...I'm trying hard not to be naff. Saw yr comment on Freakonomics and naturally wanted to send in a comment along the lines of TAR ART RAT!!!!! Fancy meeting you here!!!!! Come here often?

I got a very funny e-mail from a friend who disagreed strongly with someone who had posted a comment on pp and explained why at length. I pointed out that this was what the comments section was for. Reply: Do you mean that _I_ should make these points in the public domain where everyone could see them?????????

The lurker culture is a tough nut to crack.

3:04 pm  

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