Friday, August 24, 2007

Post Titled: ok, so...
mmh,ok. so- z.b. when I first joined MySpace in early 2005 it initially didn't really occur to my naieve-social-media-and-blogger-rookie-self that maybe famous or semi-famous people might have fake profiles created for them. After a few weeks I was able to sniff these out and more or less esily identify a fraud, BUT, dear readers- today I came across OBAMA Girl's typepad blog and I am (british accent) positively baffled (/british accent) as to wheter it is real or not, SO could you please have a look adn let me know what you think??:


yes I am a dork and I already commented. and yes, if this is read by the bloggers of Obama Girl please validate/justify/clarify, etc.
For example:
Evidence FOR this being real: if you type in you end up at this typepad site
Evidence Against this being real: the Facebook link directs you to a Group called I have a Crush on the girl who has a crush on Obama...

HMMM:.. hmmm, tough call... any verdicts here?


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