Sunday, August 05, 2007

Post Titled: THe Laws of the Third Nipple
Post Subtitled: Incest and Excitement regarding the DARK KNIGHT
There is an Aerosmith album that has half a dozen nipples - like, cut-outs on the cd, like a collage. Nipple photos removed from their respective chests. and, to be honest, you cannot posible tell their gender. So, in that case, it it can't be proven whether a nipple is male or female and male nipples are allowed to be shown but not female nipples... uhm, well, paradox.. then there is the matter of the third nipple.
If you can't show a woman's first or second nipple on american network television, can you show her third? Apparently it is fine in the UK, hmmm... CLIP of Lily Allen from MILK and COOKIES
I only care because a certain someone has a third nipple therefore it is always sort of in the back of my mind-

OOH, NEW Batman trailer.
(am I behind on this one? there is no such thing as marketing in Germany, sooo)

Note of wierdness: Maggie Maggie Gyllenhaal has replaced Katie Holmes... what does that have to say about the state of the national aesthetic?... not to mention Heath Ledger is the Joker... who humped Maggie Maggie Gyllenhaal's brother in another film.... who is (in reality) married with children to Michelle Williams who was on Dawson"s Creek with Katie Holmes... uhm... now that...sounds incest-y. I am sure there is more but I don't know Hollywood that well.
And where is Jessica Biel? Given current trends shouldn't she be the "it" girl for this film... and WHY IS THIS BLOG BECOMING JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER CRAP CULTURE BLOG??? hmm, scheisse.

ME: So, I saw the new Batman trailer this morning- there is a new Batman movie coing out-
NK: Oh...
ME: GUess who the Joker will be-
NK: Uhm Joker Jack Nicholson
ME: No, there is a NEW Joker, you'll neer guess..
NK: Uhm hm- young actor..
ME: Yea
NK: Mark Ruffalo?
ME: Younger than MArk Riffalo
NK: Leonardo DiCaprio?
ME: no, younger, pretty recently famous
NK: ahm...
ME: not american.
NK: not american? English?
ME: no.
NK: not english?
ME: nope.
NK: Australian
ME: yep.
NK: and young...?
ME: mid-twenties.
NK: uhm...
ME: I posted a video in your myspace of him...
NK: You put it in My Myspace? (jokingly) It's MY Myspace not YOur Myspace!
ME: In your comment section, silly. Hint- Hint- (I re-enact this routine:

NK: Uhmmm... I need more information.
NK: Health Ledger- HEATH LEDGER?!
ME: Yea, nuts, right?


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