Friday, August 03, 2007

Post Titled: Media Paradigm Shift, IF this is to be believed...
fun little FUTURELAB slideshow, getsya all excited:

FUTURELAB is cool - they did the above slideshow for the Marketing3 Conference

On a SIMILAR note..... (kind of)

Exerpt from Woody Allen's 1975 comedy "Love & Death":

"It's no different living under the Tsar or Napoleon. They're both crooks. The Tsar's taller.

If you don't like Napoleon and you don't like the Tsar,who do you think should run the country?

Do you really wanna know? The serfs.

Oh, the serfs.

Only they know how to do things. A fence needs putting up, it's always the serfs.

He wants the serfs to run the country. Why not the criminal element? Or the Jews?

Some Jews are smart. Though I hear their
women don't practise sex after marriage."


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