Saturday, August 04, 2007

Post Titled: Outcome is Critical
Post SUbtitled: Hey Hey Hey
Found Juggernaut vs. Fat Albert

I woke up, went to the desk in the bay window of the "Project Room" and thought

1. If projected rates of obesity are on the rise as studies claim they are so that in ten years
most Americans will be overweight, will elementary kids start making fun of the skinny kid in class?

This thought was brought on because I have listened to Wu_Tang's 36 Chambers at least once a day 6 days per week for the past month and I am not getting sick of it, but anyhow in Method Man's
song there is the line
"Hey-Hey-Hey, it's FAAAAT Albert!"
And I remembered watching that show in the early 1980s when there was only ONE fat kid per elementary class, and that kid kind of had their own thing going on- like, that was a central part of their being, but if soon we have a situation where most kids are fat then it just won't be special and that will
be kind of sad.
Like my punctuality, if I am on-time every day to work then it just isn't special.

Ok, it is too nice outside, mustgo.

METHOD MAN song from 36 chambers: DISCLAIMER- vulgar intro:

Method Mad and Redman Da Rockwilder- I just like this video.
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