Friday, August 03, 2007

Post Titled: A Breakdown of HOW new-News is reported and spread using the Minneapolis Bridge Collapse Model
Article (err, post?)"Internet Reactions to the 35W Bridge Collapse" from WIRED. by Joe Brown
DAmn I love WIRED, since I first bought a copy in LAX in 1994 - love.

ANOTHER interesting phenomenon: name your personal music video "Minneapolis I35W Mississippi BRIDGE COLLAPSE BEYONCE FALLS" and load it to YouTube, watch the hits skyrocket.
Piggyback this by adding "Minneapolis I35W Mississippi BRIDGE COLLAPSE BEYONCE FALLS" to my tags, watch my hits climb.

Oh, cruel virtual world.

Tired Quote from last night: "Hey, by having all these (dozens of) library books laying around- it is like having a virtual internet!"

30 seconds later:

"... uhm... yea..."


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