Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Post Titled: Jay-Z HP Re-Re-Revisited in the form of New Talib Qweli video
Post Subtitled: references abound.

Ahh, ok, ao how wierd is this clip from abc news or yahoo! ?
- Not only the woman introducing this exciting new release (notice how she carefully speeds through the word "Pornographers" practically mispronouncing it) but the fact that Kweli's music video uses/appropriates the same visual scheme as the Jay-Z Hewlett-Packard commercial? uhh... is that a "conscious" nod to Jay-Z being a sellout? Or an aesthetic choice...?

NOTE: See previous Jay-Z in advertising posts in this blog:

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Verdict: "HUH?"

also, regarding Youtube advertising: t#s TRUE... so COULD that SHARP box in the baby sloth video really be subliminal advertising... hmmmmm?

a whole new world of marketing possibilities, now isn't it?


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Blogger Ithaca said...

I'm telling you -- gotta get those advertisers on board with the dog-entertainment video

2:49 pm  

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