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Post Titled: Separation of life and blog...
Post Sub-Titled: Humans are animals which are subject to feelings both good and bad... a strength?

Indeed, where? Helen- where? hmm. separation of blog and life. anonymity and -uhm, just "ymity"
Sappy intro: In the evolution of this blog (or int eh 2 years I have been blogging) I have moved (evermore) towards a non-personal blog, although admittedly... upon its inception- it was once entirely personal "my day, my thoughs, yadda-yadda)... which can actually in real-life can/should be journaled about with pen and paper and (probably not)not shared with the whole wide world...

Z.B.: I had a really nice long meet/talk last night with lovely folks, but that is really just kind of our business... no good reason to blog about it, can't it just exist as nice experience?- however the gremlin /imp topics will continue... to be like ohrwurme.

A dilemma.

on that note-
Mopey Personal anecdote: I was very tired and upset on Monday after work so I decided to go see the Simpsons Movie to get my mind off things. Logical, right?
Alas, Alexanderplatz only had it dubbed and I'll/'d be damned if I was going to ride back all the way to Potsdamer Platz OR see it dubbed, (note, dubbed movies are automatically comedy, oder?) so I just went to the large media store "Saturn" instead to look at things... I think I looked there for over an hour, listeded to various CDs and searching desparately for something inexpensive but good...
that daft punk cd I lost years ago but was really good so I should replace it for €8.99, uhm- no
one of those sufjan stevens albums I haven't heard (of) for €16.99-
uh, no. but Welcome to Michigan was a contender at €10.99
Tiny Vipers album for €17.99- huh??? that is almost $25!
Tiny Vipers is a seattle girl who plays nice music. Saw her (err-them) open for Michael Vermillion last september at the Mars Bar and never expected to see their CD in a huge media store in Berlin- micro macro confusion there... anyhow:
Tiny Vipers bad quality: at Oliviodoce
Tiny Vipers good quality: HERE
ANyhow, I looked and looked and looked adn found a T.Rex Best of completely bootlegged-looking cd for €2.99. I think someone make the cover in Microsoft Paint... but it has 22 songs on it...
out on Alexanderplatz I saw a woman who looked so much like my ex-aunt that I just stood and stared for several minutes trying to decide if it was her or not- 12 years without having seen someone will do that... she was whispering with another woman so I donät know what language they were speaking... then she walked off and dissappeared.
I was confronted by a drunken painter who talked to me for 25 minutes. I nodded adn listened, he was very quietly upset that the world did not like is artwork. Named Frank Zopat. if he isn't on the internet, then he is now.

outside the U/S-Bahnhof I passed a large loud group of German workers withs pickets and banners protesting, yelling on megaphones... calling for the instatement of30-hour work-weeks... still in a foul venomous mood I just thought "you naieve greedy little beer-bellied men, if only you knew how good life is for you... the world gave Germany a second chance -TWICE- in the 20th centrury after it had inflicted great pain and suffering on others (people and nations), and now, after all that, you still -somehow- have managed to come out with some of the best quality of life on the planet... and now you want a 30 hour work week with full pay and benefits. Seriously, go fuck yourseles." not to mention if Germany wants to continue to thrive in the next century then it should probably consider instating a 50-60+ hour work week, not 30." I occasioally mention to Nadine that Germany is spoiled, and sometimes I truly believe that it is- another small example that students here are studying well into their mid-to-late 20's... whereas most Americans are tossed out into the work force at 22, ok ok ok -so we are all lazy and spoiled im vergleich to the rest of the world-
and to be fair there are many unfair un-utopian practices around here - i.e. the class educational segregation in Germany, the binding "berufliche" the lack of chance for mobility in the job market - not that I know all that much about these things... agh, half-assed arguments. Eternal Question: am I more annoyed with Germnay or are the Germans more annoyed with Germany, because the Germas often seem super-annoyed with Germany... whatever, it is still dozens of times more tolerable than the States (with the exception of a few special nodes)

biked back to Kreuzberg- went and made music with Paul and Jesi- that helped calm me downa LOT, we used every non-instrument instrument possible, I believe the resulting recordings are now called dots and feathers

rode bike home, couldn't sleep with Gremlins in the brain, nadine helped talk me out of it...

On Music:
a week ago I stopped carying around Nadine's iPod because - well- now I have half a dozen songs still stuck in my head. .. uh, conclusion: brain can also be an iPod.

on other music:
Sam Forsythe just put up a song on his Teesham Tiernay MySpace acct. very lovely. and headphones would be higly reccommended


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog is very interesting!
Please, send me the photo of your pc desk and the link of your blog.
I'll publish on my blog!.

Thanks Frank

11:19 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you said; "more annoyed with Germnay or are the Germans more annoyed with Germany, because the Germas often seem super-annoyed with Germany"

??? or is it that the Germans are just so annoying, like a personality trait, that they can't help making it an annoying place for themselves, others, you, everyone ))) misery loves company, they're stuck there, and no one else can have happiness ))) it is not allowed.


4:19 pm  
Blogger "Post-Google" by TAR ART RAT said...

now, now, lets not hate on the Germans- having lived a significant amount of time in both the States and Germany I will propose that the annoying-ness of both peoples is separate but equal.

I do wonder where habits, rituals, motivations come from and jus thow deeply they affect the fragile forming psyche of all world citizens...

NOTE: reminder from a past post: in the states there is no universal health care but you are require to suffer the indoctrination of public schooling until the 10th (?) grade... grrr.
There are many things which are insulting or unbelievable to American sensibilities which are an intergral part of German way of functioning- i.e. having your photo, family status and age on your resume´or CV, the fact that you aren#t just allowed to name your child whatever you want- that the name must be approved- there are many many differences that would baffle our expectations, but at the same time - in the big picture- the societies are actually so damn similar.


5:52 pm  

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