Thursday, September 06, 2007

Post Titled: Elite, Eliter, Elitest, Elitistest
Post Subtitled: Myspace, Facebook, (insert something here),
Post SubSubTitled: Caste-ing Dat Ass! (as in Caste system)

A few months back Carrie E.A. Scott sent me an inneressin' little article ( look for article, where is goddamn article??) about the class divide between the university-based facebook addict-retards (ahem ahem, that is you- college students- who think the internet IS facebook) and the myspace anybodies (sorry, I treat facebook locked in the basement and malnourished like an unwanted/redheaded step-child of my internet ongoings)
dude, I am going babannas this morning- ouioui, worrrrk

Effing awesome Deutsch-English word realisation of the day...

LABOR= Labratory

LABOR aka "work"= Arbeit

ok obviously no great revelation, but... have I said this before? the absolue separation of word relations when it comes to German and English... so odd... how there must be a split in the mind... i.e. gift, die, and I#ll add more later when my brain works again, k?

POST WILL (might?) BE RE-WORKED LATER to actally say something and come to a conclusion about all this madness, no time at the moment, -p


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