Friday, September 28, 2007

Post Titled: Trickle up aesthetics now Leap-up aesthetics?
DISCLAIMER: this is sort of a rant.
Post SUbtitled: (In reference to the following post- Somtimes the Post Title says more than the post itself.
When Davis Limbach aka "Confused" was visiting last month he took me to see Planet Prozess, which included many (I hesitate to call them graffiti) artists from all over the world. THEN- today- I check SIXTYSECONDVIEW, the blog of EDELMAN CEO EUROPE David Brain and there is a Youtube Video of an animation apparently made by BLU, one of Davis' favorites and now collaborators (I believe-?) anyhow, it was just an odd coincidence and a great video:

on the other hand, this sort of trickle-up aesthetics (or has it accelerated to leap-up or leap-on aesthetics?)has been going on for - how long? As long as Nike has been ripping things straight out of the bottom-drawer cultural obscurity (brewing away from the mainstream, then set to become the mainstream) to make itself look like the cutting-edge epitomy of cool. The same way sooo many companies do that, hire guys, artists, talent, people who are happy to finally make a bit of money doing what they love... flock to the cool, or their work results in a flocking to the cool, just like the Corporate world is (pitifully?) flocking to social media now- which is like the same damn thing as if I started ___ing or going to the ______ habitually just to build up business relationships, right? Maybe that is a thoughtless comparison, but the move is like SOMEthing- if I think of a better analogy I will add it later. -- ah, alas, just nothing surprising about a graffiti artists' video ends up in a CEO's blog... it is a "cool video" afterall- as is the SIXTYSECONDVIEW blog, which is why I read it-
In a way it is great that artists just get more exposure through platforms like YouTube- should just be happy about that at least.
To further illustrate my point, however, here is the NIKE commercial mentioned in the "MEET THE PROS" episode of This American Life- (aired last month) the post in Sixtysecondview just reminded me of it. luis "TRIKZ" da silva:

or nike eats hip for breakfast with this one:

" Illustrator Paul Huang, creator of Nanospore, teamed up with animators Chris Riehl and Sean Starkweather to create this playfully original, yet oddly familiar spot for part of Nike's new viral campaign to promote the Nike Free Trainer 7.0, which gives you the power of flight and exempts you from noodle-bowl lines."
this "Oggo Nike Art of Speed Project" is similar, but too long and wierd...

Hmm, also:
"An online campaign is calling for the release of Krek and Mers, two graffiti artists jailed for causing £13,000 of damage to railway trains and bridges..." from the Guardian- slightly related


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