Thursday, October 11, 2007

Post Titled: BIKINIRAMA on PolyLux! (ARD - Das Erste)
The original members of Bikinirama, Alva Ostwald and Rosalie Di Rocco, will be appearing in an interview on the TV Arts Magazine show PolyLux tonight on ARD. Links:
here is the POLYLOG full of goodness.
and and and, really, it's about time. How long can luddite girls in bikinis smashing our precious technology go unnoticed? (NOTE one day later: I did realize that Fake Steve Jobs and WIRED have blogged about them)
Most recent video: they DESTROY an iPHONE

BIKINIRAMA manifesto auf Englisch:

BIKINIRAMA [1] is an open community of performance artists, fighting for the aesthetification of the World Wide Web. Their work aims at a reflective view of our society. BIKINIRAMA is using existing pictures such as beauty, hate, lenity, anger, submission and dominance, to depict their view on society’s balances of power and to redefine them. BIKINIRAMA demands bikini wearing from every person involved in the creative process - constantly and without exception, for an equal level of expression, as an icon of femininity without nudity. The bikini is BIKINIRAMA’s revolutionary tool against inflationary nudity in media. BIKINIRAMA’s approach is to combine the weapons of a woman, with the traditional tools of raw manly aggression, to defy social conventions. Objects, generally considered as status symbols, serve as a release of aggression against the overriding materialistic standpoint. BIKINIRAMA evidentially shows that material goods no longer suit their position as icons of a consumer society. Anger and violence against those goods are acts of liberation, imparting a new sense of the erotic, which is BIKINIRAMA’s only acceptable substitute to prevailing definitions of sex. Episodes are periodically released for free on

Personally, viewing the videos in light of the WIRED blog comments I am reminded of how precious or machines are to us. (a cliche statement, ok, sure) but we truly are bound to these devices. Devices which can produce interactive familiar voices or "connect us with the world" or entertain us...
Seeing them be brutally destroyed could/should allow us to step back and sort of realize that- that is IS truly a bit painful to watch them be murdered... we are that attached. I think it is worth sacrificing just one of them to have the opportunity towitness that, I mean - it isn't like you dropped your RAZR2 in the toilet, these things are brutally beaten to death- triumphant, not tragic.


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