Friday, October 05, 2007

Post Titled: Der BAHNSTREIK
it is amazing that the in the run-up to this strike (a week of the news/papers saying "there's going to be a strike Friday" that thousands of people are still stranded all over Germany. One might think that if you knew the trains would be at a standstill that you might seek out another method of transportation. Does not bode well for these creatures of habit, who clearly take for grated (of feel that they have a right to) these supposedly clock-work-workings of society...
I only understand the prpblem superficially- BUT for the past ten years or so, as the Bahn has had to comepete with air travel, it has not had competitive prices- in fact, as far as I can tell- it has raised prices to compensate for lost revenue. Not a good way to attract new customers or even to keep a loyal client base.
Ahh, the Bahn... the Germans... more hier in DER SPIEGEL


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