Tuesday, October 30, 2007

These days it just seems to me that with the post it is like you are sending something into oblivion, into the hands of men who can lose or steal your property or words... and much less than prefer it to electronic mail, I actually fear and mistrust the so-called REAL post now... I am trying to express this to the various offices who do send me mail... but the seem a bit taken aback. For example, my letter to the BVG (subway)
"Dear Blah-Blah,
Clearly there has been a mistake on your part because I already paid my fines in early July. I do not wish to receive any more letters from you as they are a waste of time and resources, for further correspondences please just email me.


I think that if I send this type of letter to every bonehead office which insists on sending me paper mail over the next few years... then at least I have a chance of receiving less paper mail...


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