Monday, November 12, 2007

Post Titled: Just give me simple sentances this morning, like: "Nobody calls my dog a faggot."
Post Subtitled: This post is long and full of text with a side of Monday Morning Venom
I love the clock radio, I just figured out how to program it to be my alarm
and instead the screeching of my mobile phone I awoke to Radiohead's High and Dry
"High and Dry, -is it really that bad, warm in bed high and dry- like, if there
was a flood- and you were on a big rock, safe, or... OR is that the problem, that you are on a
big rock stuck in the middle of a flood..."
some radio stations here are actually good, like, I can flip through and there
is piano´/classic then some live daft punk remix from some club then some ABBA or (blanking out here
that band Stevie Nicks was in... Mc... So.. Mc.. whatever, it will come soon.) If that .. well, variety
is what you are looking for.
although I do gravitate
back to NPR - listened to almost all of Car Talk yesterday...
waste of a perfectly good 50 minutes. I should write them.
In a half-sleep state I thought Warren Ulney said "Lawmakers in most states, however, are trying to surpress their childhood memories..."
Disclaimer: skip the followin paragraphs where I rant and sorry to my German readers but I just have to vent now and then, nothing personal- ok:.
Dad and I got into a discussion about the German TV/Radio/Internet tax bill I got in the mail-
"How can I prove that I am a full luddite? can I send a signed manifesto and a video of the apartment
where i tour and show how I benefit from none of their services-? Oh but then that would be video... already well we'll see. I mean I donät want to just throw money at this thing whic I don't believe in / have no say in, it isn't like they are supporting MY unsolicited creatively with monthly payments, now are they-? I know, a bit childish... I guess the only nice thing (when we had tv briefly) was the lack of advertising (in comparison to American TV) and the kids - like, how they aren't being marketed to constantly and therefore you don't see them screaming for things they want as nearly as much as is apparent in the states-"
"But they are being taught how to think."
"Oh, shit, yea, there is that creepy conformist-robotic aspect of it all..."
Why is it that the Germans are always seeking the perfectly ordered society? Am I just paranoid? Seems like the über-goal is everything and everyone in its right place, everything clockwork and anything that doesn't fit into that... well... dunno... it defies explanation.
I prefer a healthy amount of chaos... Chance, risk, uncertainty, possibility, danger. (Maybe this country has seen too much of that-? And this is the backlash?) Dunno.
Ironically, the chaos here is also extremely controlled. Let#s take the insanely complex bureaucratic chaos for example, you could've PLANNED that better if you tried. and, it definitely defies explanation... it IS and it MUST BE and is and must be
andand and

The lying liar Weather lady on the radio this morning lied, she said that the air we
breathed out of our lungs outside this morning today would turn instantly into frozen ice crystals, which it did not. AH-. Fleetwood Mac!
I was too late to take the U-Bahn so I hopped on NK's girly-ass Ossi-Commie bike (it is sky-blue with big chopper-cruiser handlebars and
rainbow and silver stars, like a poor man's My Little Pony) and rode along the canals of
our fair city with my masculinity in-tact... THis is something I would've never worried about before I moved here, but somehowww (whether it is the territorial feeling I get from the young men in and around our neighborhood or just NK being old-school crazy about gender roles and sticking to them) ugh. Neanderthal dorfmeister shit. Nevertheless, in the back of my mind I am somehow now a bit concerned about masculinity these days, or the idea and illusion of it here in this more primal environment... and it is annoying, but, the longer we are here, it is growing rather than lessening.
I definitely like saying 'Canals of our City' because it is a Beirut song -and what else are they but
canals of our city...?
I keep watching Berlin Berlin and it keeps getting more and more ridiculous...
there is most likely more complaining to be done but--- it can wait.

Regarding masculinity:
Last night I went upstairs and crossed my fingers that I might help our neighbor Vikingur with his oven (to heat the apartment) -I brought some of our compressed sawdust wood and paired that with matches, small chopped-up pieces of wood and newspaper and low-and-behold 20-30 minutes later we were able to get the coal going on top of all that.
I was a bit surprised because Vikingur is from Iceland and I just figured that anyone from the cold cold north would know more about this stuff than I, but then I remembered that Iceland gets its head from thermo-whatever-harnessed volcanic heat and whatnot, so actually the concept of building a fire to keep warm must be farm more obsolete to him than me, even. Winter warmth is just something we take for granted...
However, my inner Boy Scout has been let out just a bit, finally coming in handy.

oh, and somehow, over the weekend as I was trying-out this new half-ass hardly checking internet luddite-ness, effing Norman Mailer died.
from SLATE by Christpoher Hitchens
which includes the Mailer quote "Nobody calls my dog a faggot."

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