Thursday, December 06, 2007

Post Titled: Warning, no sleep blog day
Post Subtitled: there is no reason to read this post, it is just mopey-shite.
I got about 3 hours of sleep, not sure what caused the insomnia - but to try to burn it off i watched
more Peep Show, which, eventually got depressing into the 4th season- kinda like "the Office" gets depressing (or, is alwys depressing.)

perhaps I should go back to check out season 2.
Cheery this morning nevertheless.
Soo... I won tickets to a YouTube awards ceremony and afterparty... do I go?
If it were in the states it would be the lamest thing in the world, BUT since it
is here and most of the entrants were Turkish teenage couples singing love longs to one another.
)Like cheeeezy love songs, sometimes ones they
wrote themselves.)
It might be insanely brilliant. Perhaps I can collect bodies for the Xberg foto shoot as well.
Like ... I will have to post some of them... they cannot be described.
(OR FOUND- did they remove them?-)

is an issue as of late. How does one stay motivated for life day after day?... I nearly called in sick to work today, but instead called in late- opting to lay in bed, stare at the ceiling, listen to bad radio and wonder why the hell I couldn't sleep... again. Maybe it is actually because NK is outta town and I am just not used to sleeping alone...
the radio personalities on Spree Radio in the morning ar awful human beings. First they impersonate Luka and Nina or some such people acting like idiots who supposedly just won €43 million in the lottery saying "Uhhhm, we're gonna buy some stuff."
Then they call a woman at home whose mother wrote in saying that this single mother had two kids one of them was sick with some inoperable sickness so they (the Radio show) calls to tell them that they are sending them all to an amusement part for 2 days and the woman starts crying then they play the most god-awful christmas music.. carnie wilson... somthing about Santa bringing a girlfriend or boyfriend back. If I keep listening to Spree radio I will surely spiral into a pit of misanthropic tar, followed by a light shower or feathers... but you can't program this radio... I guess BBC is better, or NPR, or whatever...

I dreamt of a very trashy Yugoslavian beachfront trailer park community where i was living...


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