Monday, December 03, 2007

This Post Is Titled:
A."Old GUy at the Club" vs. hundreds of girls age 17-21 shaking their asses
B.Loch Yess Monster
C.Necessary Sign Languages
D.Radio Alarm
F.Robots in Disquise
6.Berlin Alexanderplatz
7.Coffee, talk, coffee, beer, talk, fear of China
9.DISCLAIMER: This is a Self-absorbed post you can probably skip...

"I just have That Tracy Chapman song running in my head"
"Which one? Fast Car"
"Yea, that's probably it- the one about being a checkout girl or whatever then driving away. romantic."
"You should probably think about changing the radio alarm- or not using it..."
"But yesterday I hear that Lionel Ritchie song 'and now I know what made Otis blue'- I had that song stuck in my head in the 3rd grade for like a year- and now I finally got it! -like, Otis Redding! Listening to Spree radio "The Best Music of All TIme" is great, all the songs from my childhood that I can actually understand the references and emotions of now... like, 'we don't need another hero, we don't need to know the way home, abdhahdah hbad-hbadadadad all we want is life beyond the Thunderdome..."
It's educational in a way.
More stupid useless facts.
Facts which turn into banter.
"She was engaged to Goldie. Late 90s I think?..Yea, her son goes to Columbia... ja, the Sugarcubes started the day he was born."
"No, Herzog lives in LA. His wife is hot. Think she's like some 25-year old Russian."
"Wait... what?"
"No, 'elect-TROMA' - troma like Troma pictures- but Daft Punk didn't do the soundtrack..."
"It's like Chris Rock says, 'you donät wanna be the Old Guy at the club, that why you gotta get married.'"
"No, their campaiging to do away with the ''"
"well- maybe the terrorist hype is completely unfounded, like- it has been completely inflated"
"Feminisim just seems like another 'ism', but Consumerism seems like it could be the one true religion..."

Banter, things of interest, things we have come across. information about our demigods and thier activities. information about our own slapped-together identities which are just a smattering of interests. dueling with knowledge. deuling with all these millions of little facts. nihilism-? but fascinating.

I had a very atypical weekend (for me anyhow) -went out with my friend Dave, visiting from Czech and his friend Cory, aka DJ People's Champion, essentially, this was more social interaction that I had had in months- but now monday morning I am a super-zombie.
All I really did from Friday evening until 6:30 am Sunday morning was talk, drink some sort of beverage, talk, dance a bit, move on to another location, talk, drink, crash and sleep for a few hours, repeat. Mostly in Prenzlauerberg I could do this sort of thing easily in my late teens and early 20s, but now it takes a lot more effort and a lot more out of me.
kao kao in prenzlauerberg +++ apartment has t-shirts for €65 +++ kiss me i'm electic at magnet was wierd but full of beautiful girls and decent music +++ 103 club was boring but a great social study & the bartenter is cool +++ the glass are good guys and good live...


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