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Post Titled: Youtube Secret Talents Award Show Berlin

So, I competed with a video for the Youtube Secret Talents Award Show Berlin (that is the german youtube which has been recently launched) and I didn't win. In fact- I didn't make it anywhere near the top 44 which were celebrated tonight, (what do you expect, really, all I did in the video was cling in fetal position at the top of a doorframe while a confused dog watched-on) BUT I did win tickets to the award ceremony, which was surreal. It took place in the Cinestar-Kino (underground) movie theatre complex at/in the Sony Center in/at Potsdamer Platz- at first I went to the Cinemaxx and no one was there so I almost went home, but then redirected myself and boom- full on event.
Highlights were chatting with Tay Zonday, better known for his "Chocolate Rain" video - who is the most nice and normal guy you could meet- a PhD student in American Studies from Minnesota, and Chad Hurley, founder of YouTube, who was surprisingly in attendance -(guess that makes sense. I approached him sort of hesitantly -Like "hey, surreal party-"and we talked a bit, then he got dragged off for photo shoots, and we accidentally bumped into each other awhile later near another bar and it was sorta like "yo. free booze.", mainly chatted about Iceland and Russia- really nice guy. I mean, what do you say to the founder of Youtube anyhow? Except: "Go to Iceland, its awesome." and "Ya, that 'election' in Russia, hmmmmmm..." Ideally I would've liked to ask: "So, look what you've unleashed on the world- how do you feel about that, actually?" but he probably gets that all the time.
I mean, actually, yes- it IS definitely/truly/quite surreal seeing the people you are used to seeing on a tiny screen on your monitor suddenly there in real life. Not to mention that these are people who have become semi-famous just by being dorks on their own terms or particularly good at something- it certainly shakes-up the whole 15 minutes of fame principle...
I probably wrote about that early on in the blog - something like "the oddity of the ever-quickening of the human social impact footprint (if I had to give is a silly name) i.e. 100 years ago you could reach as many people as were in hearing distance or as many people whom you could write letters to as fast and often as you could write letters OR poster - which, I can imagine- was prohibitivly expensive- and (cliche´ deep thought of the day / drumroll ) NOW you can reach millions of people in a day, hour, or even minutes- practically from scratch, (ok, so you need a source of light, a camera, a computer, internet access and a Youtube acct. or blog or what have ye) so. ja. oddly enough this is there 15 minutes of fame can become a part-time career.
The awards Moderator, Sarah Kuttner, was cool, - although I was really secretly hoping for Katrin Bauerfeind (*sigh*) no, die Moderatorin was rad- she did cartwheels and summersaults, what more can you ask for?
So, here is some footage from the award show itself:
Tay Zonday- "Chocolate Rain"

"So - uh what's the song about?"
"Well, it is kind-of about racism, but I don't like to be too preachy"
"ever read the short story "blood rain" by T.C. Boyle?..."
"Nope. I probably should've though..."
"Maybe. Drinking water?"
"Yep. Out of a glass bottle apparently..."(holding up an Evian bottle.)
"Yea, the bottles here are returnable adn reusable- or, they re-use them, refill them, cuts a whole step out of the recycling process- if you#ll notice they are worn around the sides...they just fill 'em up and slap new labels on."

YouTube-Gründer Chad Hurley Founder of Youtube being introduced:

Djangobeatz is badass

Opening mingling and Crazy football jugglers Verrueckte Fussball

Winner: xXxAnnaCoraleexXx (or Anna Cora Lee or Anna Coralee ?)for her sober cover of Amy Winehouse's Rehab

All winners onstage reallly short video:

shit, still gotta load Salatblattxxl, the crazy cup guys.


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