Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Post Titled: the beauty of the German language.

words I have had to translate at work today (with some help from Babel Fish), for the most part these words smash together relations and simpler ideas/subjects to form a bigger idea. A lot like Transformers when they attach to one-another to create a super-robot:
For example:
but separately:
"voll" = fully
"kommen" = coming
"heit" = (a general state of being)
so, like "the state of fully coming around" or "the state of coming into full"

Other great words I came across today:
Vorstandsvorsitzenden: Chairman of the board
Landtagsfraktion: Federal state parliament / parliamentary group
auseinanderlaufen: to disperse

Anschauungsmaterial: visual aids
aneinanderreihung: lining up

sometimes I just effing love German for its ability to pack a half dozen things and ideas into one lovely crazy long-ass word. English doesn't do that very often...


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