Sunday, March 16, 2008

Post Titled: dating on film and horror

Torrented and watched cloverfield last night, which has to be one of the best monster movies in recent years- nevertheless, there were some annoying aspects- the strange American dating issues, boy-girl stuff- very akward, and the blatant product placement in one of the final scenes (after being blown up and attacked all night how did that swoosh manage to stay so white?
Note: shit, somehow it blocks the screenshot option, grr.

trailer here

The other film I rented and watched over the weekend was "Shoppen" a German comedy about speed-dating in Munich. At work occasionally I come across expressions of mild disgust and disbelief at how Americans have this (above mentioned) akward mating dance called "dating" and also the fact that so many get married in their mid to late 20s whereas Germans it seems to be closer to mid-30s. Augh. So. This "Shoppen film, which also had an actress friend of NKs from Kaiserslautern whom I saw in a studn production of Ionesco's the Bald Soprano in 1999, was icky in that it did a good job of prtraying the uttern neurosis of singles in their mid-to-late 30s in Munich... utter maddening intolerable quirkiness. I'd imagine your average speed dating session is far less interesting and high-energy than what was portrayed in the film, ... mmh. Trailer:


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