Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Post Titled: The "I am the biggest Tool & Have Turned the Most of my Fellow Citizens Over TO THE AUTHORITIES Miss Germany" Competetion.
Post Subtitled: Fascism and Oppression of myself and others is/are my favorite hobbies.
Post Sub-Subtitled:ME THINKING: "OH- damn, I am back in Germany."

DIS CLAIMER: I know it isn't really "ok" for me to rail on the Germans and bash the national mentality, but in this blog everything is Fair Game -and sometimes there are just situations which must be reported...

SKYPE Convesation this morning after my return from Prague, Jihlava, Vienna, return through Slovakia to Jihlava then Prague adn Back to Berlin using Trains, Busses and Automobiles:

Mr. White: How was the train back?
TAR says: heyy, I was just writing you an email
TAR says: "thanks for the text, couldn't answer because the phone is drained- but ja, interseting voyage back, got home around 11 - smoothe trip
only issue was that I was leaving from Holesovice not the one where I arrived in Prauge but it was easy to figure out how to get there-
thanks again for everythign, it was really refreshing to be in Czech, I felt pretty good there in comparison to Berlin -at the moment, anyhow-"
Mr. White: Oh, shit... the other station.
Mr. White: I didn't even think to ask about that.
Mr. White:It is pretty close, though.
TAR says: three stops.ja, train ride - it was good, -well- weird- the trains started in Bratislava I think and all throughout the ride there was/were clashes between the Germans and Czech/Slovaks
Mr. White: On the train?
TAR says: ja, like the Germans all had reservations and the Czechs/Slovaks were just sitting anywhere, there were a lot of arguments
Mr. White: Culture misunderstanding... Czechs don't bother with such silliness.
TAR says: some funny situations, and some just sad. I was like "OH- damn, I'm definitely back Germany."
Mr. White: The Germans must have been driven nuts when they tried to rule this place.
Mr. White: They waste a lot of energy with their insistance on the rules...
TAR says: ja, especially if there are free unreserved seats everwhere- this one German girl stodd for 5 minutes practically yelling at an old man from Bratislava to get out of the seat that she has "reserved and paid for" and he jst brushed her off-
Mr. White: Nice. Old men should be able to do what they want... at least when it comes to seats on trains.
TAR says: she was such an honest-to-god cunt, she was about 25years old and he was about 70-75, sitting quietly next to his wife
TAR says: she made him move across to another seat, huffing adn snorting the whole time even though about 30% of the seats in the train were free and unreserved, including the one she leaned on as she practially yelled at him for 5 mintes, scolding him like a child "I paid for that seat, it it reserved in my name, if you cna show me papers that says it is reserved in YOUR name you can stay there, otherwise you need to MOVE!" he didn't even speak German and she is yelling at him in German- a quiet old man
Mr. White: Maybe you could start acting like a Czech. It might influence the Germans positively.
TAR says: (she, not he)
TAR says: I actually had a similar issue, some women from Bratislava - well, one was sitting in my seat
Mr. White says: Did you have a reservation?
TAR says: Ja, I had a reservation- and I asked her if I was sitting in her seat, in which case it would be ok becasue then neither of us would be kicked out of our seats
Mr. White: Oh, right...
TAR says: but she misunderstood it as me wanting to sit in my seat adn sort o gave me a sideways look, like: "it really doesn't matter, does it" and I was like - "yea, totally. that is my automatically programmed robo-faschist brain training overtaking my humanity and it really doesn't matter" and then i felt like a spießer, grr. and I think all the Slovak women thought I wasa typical german faschist order- and-rule junkie
Mr. White: Ha, ha... maybe. Did you try English or German?
TAR says: german- well, both
TAR says: the train was aslo full of asians, some tourists adn some not
TAR says: that was unexpected- but the ride was beautiful, didn't see it on the way, but along the river with the cliffs and riverside villages, that is a great ride
Mr. White: German is seriously unpopular here now... I don't know if it's got to do with the history...
TAR says: I mean, it was dark on the trio there- so you couldn't see any of that
Mr. White: or if it's for other reasons...
Mr. White: There was an article on education here explaining how Spanish (an entirely useless language here) has surpassed German in popularity.
Mr. White:At some point, you've got to see the entire landscape.
TAR says: hm, well, if everyone in a train witnesses a girl (a girl with clothing like a uniform, tight monochrome-, a too-properly dressed student in long overcoat, pale with dark hair and with short straight-cut short bangs and tiny glasses) really relentlessly bully an old couple, then - well, it doesn#t do much for the Germans' image abroad. I always try to take things like that into account- part of the reason why i wanted to talk to / help the Gypsy guy, -like, if our country is on everyone's shitlist worldwide then I kind-of (at least)want people to get a good impression of Americans on a personal level...
TAR says: whenever possibl.e
Mr. White says: I agree... Europeans can have some pretty fixed ideas...
TAR says: jaaa, don't we all. I mean,
TAR says: I got home and talked with NK about it
Mr. White: What's her opinion?
TAR says: well, she knows the Germans are like this... sort of agrees it is shitty, but that's about it...
Mr. White says: Hmm...
TAR says: I told her I could move further east. life in western europe, as in the USA... is kind of predicatble and meaningless at this point... could feel the vaccuum-suck as I moved steadily west...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

xcuse me? you have yourself a pretty rasist conversation and sport some "pretty fixed" ideas on the germans, too. you have proven very vividly that respectless people are to be found everywhere, from some random girl on a train ride , who happens to be german or a blogger who seems american. isn t that some nice ass paradox, hunh?

9:01 pm  
Blogger "Post-Google" by TAR ART RAT said...

you are absolutely right. I do, however, give myself permission to be particularly critical of germans and americans, I think they need it. thanks for the comment.

4:06 pm  
Anonymous z said...

i'm just wondering, did you interfere in the situation on the train in any way? i'm not sure whether i would have said something (because i might already have been so pissed off by riding on a train for hours that i – at this point – probably would have stopped talking at all (or go totally berserk... which is not an option, really), but that's just me being the misanthropic person that i am (at times)), but if you were so damn annoyed witnessing what was going on that you later felt like addressing it in your blog...

i'm sure you could have slowed her down a bit or even shut her up by just saying one mean little phrase in german (even if it was just to let her know that among all the tourists are people who understand every single word she's saying), or at least distract her from yelling at the poor old chap. don't underestimate the moment of surprise, that would have been on your side! plus i'm sure you've had an ipod with you, so if she then started yelling at you, it would have been easy to plug your ears and make her look even more ridiculous...

i guess she's just a spoiled brat with bad behaviour who back then used to make scenes in restaurants for not getting her will when she was a little girl. some people never learn...

i have to admit though that insisting on reservations and changing seats on trains are a popular "pastime" in germany. this (the seathopping) would make yet another brilliant sketch by loriot.

search google for "herren im bad" by loriot:
herr müller-lüdenscheid & herr dr. kloebner und "die ente bleibt drin!" :)

10:41 pm  
Blogger "Post-Google" by TAR ART RAT said...

I didn't interfere because it was happening too far away- I would've had to yell across 10 seats myself, and I was just sort of awestruck- I expected her to everntually give up in her attacks, in which she would pause, then attack further, but she did not.

1:35 pm  

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