Monday, March 31, 2008

Post Titled: Murat Kurnaz
and just as I was about ready to sponge up this man's pain and the injustice of the War on Terror when they threw a car commercial at me, video stalled -I refreshed and they threy a cleaning product commercial at me,- then I re started and there was a spaghetti sauce spot. well, who is the sucker here? ok, I appreciate the free-ness of this internet video- and I appreciate also that none of these products are available to me... but I still can't get the video to start...

also, in other American mainstream media ripping: NYTIMES essay "It’s Not You, It’s Your Books" by By RACHEL DONADIO reminded me that the Wildfang said she "hadn't had time to read since finishing University" (3 or 4 years now) and when I was reading Michael Crichton and John Grisham in 7th grade she was reading Garfield... books... cartoons... so it is good perhaps that things came to an end. Or my dear sweet sister who doesn't own a book, I'm not going to hate on her for that. Afterall, I have no room to be a snob, in the big picture I know very little about literature- I mean, I definitely can't talk about it- and what am I reading now? I am positively wallowing in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, -still! I tried reading more important things, but end-up put them down halfway through- apparently I just want to be lost in the universe at the moment...

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Jezebel, my favorite blog, covered this today:
very amusing.

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