Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Post Titled: Snippet of a Real Conversation Non-Fiction Easter Monday, 23.00, Berlin
FULL DISCLOSURE: I love grocery stores, espcially large ones that are open 24 hours.

ME: Ok, so Right across the street from Mr. White in Jihlava there is a TESCO! A tesco the size of the entire Hermannplatz and it is open 24 hours! It only closes one day a year! Christmas!
NK: That is not good.
ME: Oh, but it is. It is like heaven.
NK: Mh. But that is komsum-bullshit.
ME: But here I cannot get any real food at a real supermarket after 8pm! There I could get a frozen pizza at 3 in the morning! or a magazine at 4am or a - a... pair of socks and kebab-flavored chips (crisps) at 5am! and Jihlava is a town of 50,000 people- and HERE in Berlin - a city of 3,5 million people and we can't even DO those things, it is ILLEGAL here! Illegal for stores to be open like that-
NK: of course, It is bad.
ME: It is good. I like it. It is capitalist bullshit, yes, but a beautiful thing.
NK: No. No, it is bad.


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