Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Post Titled: Monday Night Non-Fiction, Midnight
quuuite... a few beers at a co-worker's b-day get together, learning new ways to cheers from different parts of the country, and "to the wolves" (which is a misheard interpretation of "zum wohl") is re-mis heard and misinterpreted by some Death Metal guys as "to the bones." So, an American misinterpreted the German languange and now a German misinterpreted English so we have three options to play with huddled on the floor singing along to Depeche Mode and Chicago and Boston and Genensis "zum wohl to the wolves to the bones! Scheiß U-Bahn streik morgen alte!.Scheiß, eyyy!" We all have to wake up and move our asses earlier because the subway strike resumes at midnight.
drink talk kitchen hello nice eyes you have your mother's eyes adn father's nose and they are unemployed in the east, lost and adorable in their late 50s early 60s looking tragic and your eyes look tragic but you are so much much younger- I don't get it and I usually am not interested in brown eyes at all, wish things were a bit different different then goodbye bye, backslapping and handshaking and tears, then riding like a esctatic bat out of hell from the top or Prenzlauerberg to the bottom of Kreuzberg. Girl Talk loud in the headphones, first warm Spring day and night.


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