Thursday, April 24, 2008

Post Titled: Post Titled: People we have encountered with annoying fake accents are annoying
Post Subtitled: Non-fiction. Grrr.,

Dan: Comedy Sketch Version - Location USA
DLR: Hi, I'm Dan, nice to meet you
T: I'm Tohrm.
D: Torum?
T: No, Torm
D: Oh, Tom.
D: So where are you from?
T: I spent the lahhst yearh in Berhlin worhking on reesearch. And befah that I was at Cambridge.
D: Cool... but you're from the States originally?
T: Well yeerss, but when one has spehnt so much time abrorrd, it's difficult not to hahve more than three vawels.
[...much later...]
D: Where are you originally from - where you grew up?
T: [quietly] Michigan. Just near Deetroit..

ME. Intolerable Version- location, a bar in the middle of Nowhere, Germany
"Chuck, you were in London for less than 2 weeks! Drop the accent!"
"Ai dahnnao, ai jus' seem to 'ave picked it up whoile I was theyah."
"Chuck, shut UP- that is impossible, you are acting like an idiot."
"Noih really, ai kohn't git rid of et!"
"Chuck... I'm not talking to you."


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