Friday, April 11, 2008

Post Titled: Thursday Night (which I thought was Wednesday Night) Non-Fiction 19.23 Uhr

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"Austern ohne Schale" (Oysters without shells)
Went up to water Ms. Saul's flowers and plants "you can hang out at watch a movie if you want" she said and since her DVD player is all-region whereas mine is only region 2 this is a particularly lucrative prospect. Watered all the plants, noticing how directle out the window across the Hof there is a blonde girl with her desk right in front of the window so that if she is sitting there then she look directly into Ms. Saul's kitchen, which must be awkward because there is also the fold-down bathtub from the wall... which is the only way to bathe, and the curtains are skimply, anyhow, whatever- so I plopped on the couch and noticed a burnt DVD "Austern ohne Schale" started watching and was really into it, very low budget- (not even an imdb page, actually the director Jette Müller does) shot in Berlin, not exactly sure where, but it looks like Kreuzberg (if films are shot in berlin I always look for architecure AND grafitti as landmarks. Actually, this was another film where the sets look so similar to the apartments I know here that I felt like the actors might walk into the apartment at any time and plop their arse on the couch next to me lethargically.)
All it was was a film about people in their latelate 20s to early-to-mid 30s (it all drips with Berlinity) lost people... women looking for interesting men and true love and someone to have a satisfying existence & babies with, men who are looking for interesting women, etc. Exeryone is lethargic, drifting, wanting, quietly hating their job or unemployed- hm. Although this type of film might've been exhausted by Gen X in the mid to late 90s, and might usually be annoying- this one was not. The two main women who were the focus of the film, who are played by___ and ______(???) are really fascinating to watch ... (more later)...
P.S. wow... this film really has no net presence... it is mentioned here ant there, but no images or video...

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