Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Post Titled: Wednesday Afternoon Mittagspause Non-fiction.
Post SubTitled: Molested in Translation.

Während mittagspause Dan brought up the issue of translated German titles bestowed upon Amercian television shows, i.e.:

Home Improvement = Hör mal, wer da hämmert ("Listen [to] who's hammering there")

Married... With Children = Eine schrecklich nette Familie("A terribly nice family")

rather than use our brains and memories, we just Googled it and came up with a list online, here are a few of the highlights:

Grey's Anatomy = Die jungen Ärzte ("The young doctors")

on the subject of NOT using your brain- I have been trying to not use my computer so much at home, opting to read instead... honestly, mmh- I recently watched Mike Judge's film "Idiocracy" (starring Luke Wilson) where the main character is put into a hybernation/suspended-animation-like state and wakes up in the year 2505- a time when the average IQ of the United States has dropped to near-retardation. Not a good movie, but a good premise and it actually kind-of scared me. I had read studies a few years ago that suggested that it may not be enough to simply read, but to stay mentally sharp throughout your life you had to challenge your brain- hm... uhm... does surfing the internet challenge my brain? NO. it is informational junkfood. facts and fun little texts - but what the hell am I LEARNING?!? am I even THINKING? hm.
So, I am kind of freaking out about this quietly when Ariel Waldman approves my facebook friend request, which i am very happy about- and I start looking at her friends, I come across PR blogger Brian Solis - whose blog I used to read- and then forgot about because I am overflooded with information and obviously can't keep in all packed in the waitingroom of my brain so I google him since we aren't facebook friends and I can't prowl his facebook profile and and and I find the blog agai easily, check it again to find a April 6th post called: "The Evolution of the News Business - Did the New York Times Miss the Point?" in which the quote: "Yes, we are traveling at light speed and not even realizing just how quickly we're missing everything else around us. It's like the movie Click where Adam Sandler fast-forwarded through his life only to realize that he had missed everything." really smacked me in the face... just lik ecomplaining about being a desk monkey... augh. endless. in order to have a life in which we can afford to "live" we most often have to opt for a life that is no life at all... health care... lunch breaks... paid vacation... grrr. now I am starting to sound like: "choose life." (sorry, I#ll blame the crankiness on the fact that the weather is shite.)


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Blogger Michelle said...

this kills me too. i guess the key is doing something you like investing 40 plus hrs per week in!! hence why i should have listened better when my parents were telling me to think about what i wanted to do with my life when i was too busy smoking pot in college..... as much as i like what i do it's not the deepest fulfillment of my soul lol.

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