Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Post Titled: complaints about a world without any really good healthcare options and mention of FLEET FOXES...

This is what Tuesday, 10:24am looks like this far, folks...

Forwarded the latest STUFF WHITE PEOPLE LIKE post to my father, who said:

"Whenever someone else pays [the health care bill], demand will exceed supply. This is particularly true in the UK where service is shitty and the waiting time is long.
At the same time, I don't support the concept of 'employer-based medical insurance' and I think that it should be more individual-based like automobile insurance. That would make it more portable (and people could more easily change jobs).
White people jealous of Europe! -- if that's the case, it's only because they are ignorant of the cost/benefit.


to which I responded:

"Yea, Stuff White People Like is a satirical site-
"I don't know what is best: the states (where I couldn't afford to go to the doctor) or Germany where the waiting is too annoying to even bother- like now, my ribs are probably still fractured, but by the time I went to the doctor, got a referral to an osteo-whatever, then got x-rayed it would be like a 3 week process, in which time I can just keep that huge bottle of ibuprofen nearby (which is probably a stronger painkiller than the Germans would prescribe to me anyhow) and my ribs will most likely heal themselves &&& I won't/wouldn't have missed 2 days of work and wasted 6 hours waiting in waiting rooms."

Weird that now that I actually HAVE health insurance that I am usually too annoyed with the bureaucracy and processes of it to actually use it.

on another unrelated note... I have been listening to a group called Fleet Foxes lately via their myspace page and just now realised that one of the guys in the band is Josh Tillman, a guy I actually know from Seattle back when, many social circles ago- anyhow checkit, particularly White Winter Hymnal - it is gorgeous music.
Looks like they are playing Cafe Zapata on June 5.


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