Sunday, May 18, 2008

Post Titled: non-fiction: PEOPLE IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD

Ania at Kuschlowski's

flowers in HOTEL window,

cowboy killers at room 77, graefekiez

Hell's Chickens. Flo playing stand-up bass behind his head, Davy on guitar:

cowboy killers at HOTEL

mike ellison of cowboy killers at HOTEL

revellers / cowboy killers' audience, Bödikerstr.9 squat eviction party, 17.Mai, 2008

katie visiting from NY, Squat Eviction Party

sauna. cowboy killers, squat eviction party

Zora blowing bubbles on the kanal by Admirals brücke

Sully Morland of the Cowboy Killers, 1)topless. 2)and not.

Emma (1/2 of süp), violin and chalk

girls with chalk

the Brothers Booth

all photos taken in Kreuzberg or Freidichshain, Berlin. April 28 - May 18, 2008


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