Monday, May 05, 2008

Post Titled: message.

I received this message through myspace from a woman- a friend of a very good friend- with whom I have bee trying to meet up with for over a year now but we keep missing connections, anyhow- it is a great message, a strange classic of sorts which sticks out from most all messages I get:

"I just got back to London, sigh, thank god spring is in Europe or else I would have slit my wrists already. LA has a funny way of twisting my brain into some kind of sunny, happy clappy meltdown that can never seem to handle the first few moments back in reality. It was sad to sad to leave. I'm now jet lagged at 4 am, have taken an ambien that I was expecting to knock me out within minutes but so far the only side effect is 40% loss of typing skills. Maybe I'll take another in a minute. Oh wait, I'm having waves in my vision. Maybe I'll keep this short. I can't wait to come to Berlin. I think I arrive too late on the 6th to actually celebrate with you but the next day for sure. ____ I want to meet you, have heard so much about you and am in dire need of discussion regarding a fragmented life in regard to US and Europe...similar experiences, all basically to make me feel better about being here. Though I want to be where you are too. I'm asking for some inspiration. Maybe too much. I'm lost This is great I feel like I'm on acid now. Hope this makes sense when I'm sober. Then you must come to London and stay anytime. Anytime. Don't leave me. I must get ____'s e-mail I lost it please..I beg you! Send me a sign, you are the prophet in this moment. well I don't even know you but I miss you.
Stay with me a while....
yawn, time,.....let's skype..."
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