Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Post Titled: Non-fiction CD burned for around the corner neighbor, delightful violin player from London none of the original spelling erors have been removed, I typed this in about 6 minutes on a work break

"A very superficial wrap-up of the non-hip-hop CD I burned for you:

1.Berimbau- I just effing love Astrud Gilberto's voice
probably more than any other, and this song is lovely-
2.Cloud Cult- I think these are just some Seattle kids,
short and bittersweet and enegievolles song-
3.the Dirty Projectors- this has been my favorite band
over the past year or so, they are just great- and positively amazing live.
4.chicago- sufjan stevens. never get tired of this one. joy division. this usually reminds me of how I feel about being at work.
6. clap your hands say yeah- just damn cute. not like babies eating lemons, but still...
7.the Ravenettes- I am thinking: sandy desert highway, cactuses, 2am driving... to... uhm, Mexico? From LA? something like that.
8.PSAPP- eating spiders. "we are small... we are small people."
9.the Dirty Projectors- this song is crazy.
10.woderwall by Ryan Adams. ryan adams is a drunk but he has some talent and i lke want he does with this one-
11.elliott smith- covering Big Star's 13, probing charming teen angst
12.I think this is the girl from the moldy peaches, kim... kim... can't remember, adorable lyrics, though.. jefferson airplane. hippie shit.
14.MOS DEF- Umi says. this would've been on the hip hop cd, but actually, it is not so hip-hop-ish, and really just nice. I think it is about hsi grandmother telling him to get out there and be positive and productive and whatnot- and to, uhm, free black people...
15. Death Cab- another Seattle group which is actually too popular for its own good now- I don't listen to them much but they mention the Berlin Wall in this song and "they're closing the bar and they want us to leave" (something that happend all teh time in Seattle adn rarely if ever in Berlin)
16. Imogen Heap- Hide and seek. good breakup song. ouch. took me awhile to get used to her, but I kond of like her now.
17.Talking Heads. This must be the place. (naieve melody): "I#m just an animal looking for a home" who isn't, -really?
18.Sigur Ros. Iceland. epic. sigur ros. iceland. epic.
19.Band of Horses."the Funeral" yes another seattle band and another tragic epic indie rock song, which is lovely...
20. Michael Vermillion- a very talented friend of mine. from... guess where? "

P.S. Number 12 should be Kimya Dawson, and I was surprised to find that the moldy peaches are actually from Port Townsend, Washington- isn't that a small retirement community up north on the sound? I also think


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