Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Post Titled: (UPDATED)uhm...
anyone? ...engine engine no.9..."

"ok, so head's up- there is at least a 50%
chance that the show will be really bad,
but BLACK SHEEP, (the early-mid 90's
contemporaries of De La Soul and
Tribe Called Quest) are playing in a venue
called Cassiopeia at the Revaler Str. 99 complex
or whatever it is in Friedrichshain-
not sure how much
the show is but doors are at 21.00...
regardless... on the off-chance that
it is amazing, I think I need to go."

OK, so the show was actually great-
it was just dres and a DJ, but he was totally on-point, -which is really good because I expected to see an aging hip-hop icon just sort of going through the motions- but no: he was energetic, funny, seemed genuinely happy to be there and was therefore just amazing to watch- incredibly smooth vocalist when it comes to stringing the lyrics together, he an Mos Def haf quite a bit in Common- although changes are he was a big influence on Mos. SSSsoooo, yea, great hiphop show- best I have seen sine De La Soul was in Berlin almost a year ago. The only odd thing, however, was that: apparently a neo-nazi (? not sure what else he could've been-) stood in front of the stage for an entire song with his fist in the air- just standing there for nearly 5 minutes like a blonde blue-eyed statue while everyone -including the performers- did their best to ignore it. In the sort of euphoric delirium no one seemed to know what to make of it- was he kidding? No, because it went on way too long and he was way too stonefaced... I think the best outcome actually played out, in which he was more or less ignored -or-I think in response to his being there and being a dumbass that the performer-audience interaction and energy was actually heightened, which rendered the man practically invisible. This was the first time I can recall having ever been amongst my countrymen while feeling severely embarrassed and ashamed of my host country, Germany. I am accustomed to being around Germans and being embarrassed for Americans- that has been going on for half my life- but being embarassed for Germans in fron onf Americans IN Germany -and the liberal mecca of Berlin, nonetheless- was rare, icky and awkward... augh, so so so not cool. Well, Mr. Fascist went away without incident and all dres said (cryptically,laughing) was that "some things are universal"

P.S.if anyone comes across this post and can send me photos or links to fotos and videos that would be great.

Black Sheep - The Choice is Yours (this or that)

Berlin Black sheep Cassiopeia at the Revaler Str. 99 May 13, 2008


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