Thursday, May 22, 2008

Post Titled: web "two point oh" beauty or whatever or a simple description of the simple science of blogging (on my terms)

mhh,.one of the truly beautiful things about the web 2.0 or web two dot zero or whatever the f§%k it is called is that is makes the practical application of pop references so darn easy, for example a "real-life" skype conversation, (which is baaascially just a supplement to real conversation since we all sit at the same desk cluster thing at work)
1. the dialogue (which is an excerpt of what goes on constantly throughout the workday) begins as half-talk half-type conversation,
2. all throughout this conversation references are exchanged per links per skype
3. excerpt of dialogue is copied and pasted and even more hyperlinks are added to existing references
4. the thing as a whole+plus is used as an example and archived in my blog as a sort of happening...
NOTE: it is also still saved in skype history, so long as I remember that it exists there and think to search for it...(BIG: IF IF IF!) otherwise it sort of ascends into past-informational never-neverland...

DLR says: how does eric clapton manage to be so boring when he's such a good guitarist. not really related...
TAR ART RAT says: it is like that monologue from trainspotting where they talk about lou reed
TAR ART RAT says: the one from when they are shooting the gun in the park
DLR says: hmm. my Trainspotting memory has disappeared.
DLR says: on to And She Was now, though


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