Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Post Titled:72dpi McDonald's now in Kreuzberg

so, it was bad enough when the first (real) McDonald's opened in Kreuzberg but when I checked my little facebook neighborhood thing last night SOME virtual worker (choice of "factory worker, police officer, flying terrorist, depressive math teacher" etc)I'd added had erected a McDonald's (a little tiny virtual McDonald's, -mind you) in MY little Graefe Kiez- what the hell!?! (ok, I know this is STUPID, really stupid CUBICLE MONKEY (THROWING) SHIT- but this cute little digital garden program I#ve been tending then automatically and backstabbingly product-placed ... I add a little worker and they build a McDonald's??? I can't screen these little virtual people?!? I really preferred the tiny virtual Graefe Kiez when it only had palm trees, grass, two small buildings and no roads... now it is spoiled and stinking of fries. can I bulldoze? maybe I should start over. berlin. grrr.

I think I need to NUKE the tiny virtual Graefe Kiez... really. but before that I will piece together a screenshot map of it all... something in the eBoy-ness of it-
oh... wait, will the "flying terrorist" bomb my McDonald's? Let#S give it a go!...

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