Monday, June 30, 2008

Post Titled: art show and tell.
Peres Projects Berlin has a good show up
Henry Taylor and Michele O'Marah (video)
Repeat after me: I AM a Revolutionary there is a strange instructional video of girls dancing in 80s sort of leotards, pretty great. Paintings and paper-punch-out text images are good as well, definitely took a lot of time and patience. Overall, it is a show which is a teensy bit nihilistic with work that really beams a wee bit of insanity rather than hope, meaning or resolution, (but what else do you expect coming out of the united states, -or the human world- these days now, really?) I want to go back ans spend a bit more time with the work, actually... mhh,.
Henry Taylor it just the most charming and crazy &$§"er%/§%$er you could possibly meet. He quickly overwhelms the senses with his personality. Damn. Good man. I miss that kind of American stuff sometimes. He was talking about how strange it was to be here because his brother died in Germany after being shot on his birthday in Vietnam, recovering, and re-joining the military...


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