Thursday, June 12, 2008

(Il Casolare, 2nd half)
Post Titled TÜRKIYE! TÜRKIYE! TÜRKIYE! non-fiction June 11, 2008

the Spätkauf across the street from Weinblatt on Dieffenbach, 1st Half
türkei gegen die schweiz 2008 Turkey won against Switzerland in an amazing rain-drenched game, after which the entire neighborhood (well, actually more-accurately all of Kreuzberg and Neukölln) exploded for hours of celebration.
There were a dozen vans of riot police but people were most happy just driving between Kottbusser Tor and Hermannplatz hanging from car windows or out the sunroof with Turkish flags. Adalbertstraße was closed and there were just mobs jumping up and down, riding each others' shoulders and chanting "TÜRKIYE! TÜRKIYE! TÜRKIYE!"
The most adorable thing was an little round man with is two very small plump grandchildren just walking along the sidewalk up Kottbusser Damm all hand-in-hand, he proudly leading at the front carrying a Turkish flag, the children wobbling like ducklings, wide-eyed and overwhelmed at the hundreds of carhorns and yelling young people.

I loved the jusxtaposition of the Swiss flag and the Turkish flag... one being a bright red with a white cross and the other being the same bright red but with a star and moon. Anyhow- here are some video highlights

and some foto stills from the game set to Tarkan

I get off work an hour and a half early for the Germany EM spiel this evening... who are they playing?


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Blogger George Kyriacou said...

a great tournament and it just started !!!
Watch tonite's game Dutch and French and hopefully, on Saturday, the Greeks will compensate for that crap they pulled off the other night and play offensively instead of like looooooooseeeeeeers..
enjoy Paul !!

4:19 pm  

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