Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Post Titled: oh no they di'int!!!
Post Subtitled: "DOH!" -H.Simpson
non-fiction quote from a conversation last week: "... Germany is, well, clueless. It doesn't even know when it is being racially insensitive.... and... Actually- overall, this sort of unwitting racism is basically just a fact of life in Europe"
yep... I could be totally wrong, totally off-the-mark with this... BUT just when you think... that some progress might be progress-ing here on the continent... due to lack of wince-inducing incidents in recent memory) THEN ...some (one would assume) well-educated, worldy people go an' sit around a table and think that this is actually a really good idea:
uncle barack's cabin
german newspaper onkel baracks hütte obama racism tageszeitung


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