Thursday, June 05, 2008

Post Titled: alles gut.

been on hiatus because I have bronchitis, the doctor's office waiting room had an open balcony so life isn't so bad, reading the last few pages of I am Charlotte Simmons in the sun.

IRON MAN at the freiluftkino in volkspark hasenheide was good. it was the Deutsche Fassung (DF), not the Original Version (OV) or even the Original mit Untertitel (OmU - my favorite), but it worked... corporate social responisibity and the Dude vs. Terry Crabtree fighting in robot suits...

döner kebabs are good. they are also spelled kebap... after watching Prinzessinnenbad again I was trying to figure out where önder döner was and came across this article in deutsche welle- quite informative.
kiez biiiatch. gotta love those Prinzessinnenbad girls (think one works at cafe/bar hannibal or that mexican place by görlitzer now) but, if for no other reason, they did/have expanded my vocab -taking it on some interesting detours. "ach, du kleine misgeburt" and of course the immortal "ick komme aus kreuzberg, du muschi!"

fleet foxes
are good, they play tonight at cafe zapata with Josh Tillman of ye olde 411 house days on drums. nuts.
at cafe zapata - Oranienburger Str. 54
10117 Berlin, Germany

(says it starts at 8, but that is highly unlikely, I#d say earliest 9:30)
hopefully they are as catchy and fun live as not.

the badeschiff is really good. really really good. much better that the Prinzessinnenbad (the pool, not the movie) aven if it is a Meatmarket (German co-worker wrote "meetmarket" cute!) (& even if you can't bring your own drinks.)


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Blogger Ithaca said...

I finally got the DVD of Prinzessinenbad but it was scratched, gr. I love Meetmarket.

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