Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Post Titled: Armut in Deutschland "Arm sind nur die Faulen" (the poor are just lazy)
really love how the Sueddeutsche Zeitung reporters suceed in doing the most simple and obvious thing possible: polarize this argument using people from the wealthiest and least wealthy parts of Germany; interviewing people at some high-end rich shopping street in Munich München where the people are portrayed as clearly oblivious to any human suffering in their fantastic, prosperous and hardworking Deutsch Land, oblivious to anything but the good life -and- then juxtaposing these stereotypes with leute at U-Bahn Rathaus Neukölln (2 U-Bahn stops away from me, by the way, where I do some grocery shopping in the Kaufland below the Neukölln Arkaden... ok, seriously: Rathaus Neukölln is really not that bad- at all, I think it is actually kind of refreshing...but... then again... relatively I am not and never have been scared of anything in Germany: this country is just way too effing SAFE to be scary on any level. Actually, the scary this IS how safe and orderly it is. That scares me. Anyhow, enjoy the portrayal of rich and poor, oh -and ... ja, the longer I am in Berlin the more I hate the whole idea of the stereotypical rich arrogance of Stuttgart or Bayern... stewing in Southern German comfort...or Switzerland. Ugh. Gross. Igit.
weird, huh? Am I being sloooowwwlllyyyy brainwashed? And Süddeutsche Zeitung simply reinforces these stereotypes?... Am I becoming racist against wealthier white Alpen-Europeans? Probably. If they stop saying "Grüß Gott!" I might reconsider.
Anyhow, CLICK:
Armut in Deutschland gibt es nicht. Oder doch? Wir haben uns auf Münchens Luxusmeile Maximilianstraße und im Sozialviertel Berlin Neukölln umgehört.
Ein Video von Marcel Kammermayer, Thorsten Denkler und Kathrin Haimerl

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