Monday, July 21, 2008

Post Titled: clean and dirty
Post Subtitled: Non-fiction, July 19-20, 2008


me: claytonics
Clayton: indeed
me: claytalicious
Clayton: oh so ture
how are you?
me: good, effig tired
surreal weekend
8 minutes
Clayton: yeah? why cause?
me: long story, but in a nutshell I went to my friend's wedding in ______ (way north germany, 3.5 hours away) it was really schnazzy, all Hansa-esque, really classic and lovely (aesthetically think: the Celebration but with nicer older architecture and no family molestation crisis) but I did (in the wee hours of the morning) eventually get propositioned with an offer to do a gay porn film (which I politely and convincingly turned down), then I left at 3am- and thought I was getting a ride home (well, that we would be stopping by a music festival and then riding home in the early afternoon), but we got kind of lost and then instead going to Berlin we ended up at an outdoor rave festival in the middle of the woods at a lake... where I sorta willfully got stranded for 11 hours (after napping and missing a ride back) (in my wedding tux, mind you, surrounded by a thousand crazy dancing and/or nakd people on tons of drugs- think GO meets TANK GIRL meets MAD MAX meets Lord of the Rings) and so... I just danced and drank Club Maté all day because there wasn't anything else to do there and eventually just had to hitchhike back to Berlin with _______ (who also in a tux)
Clayton: weird!!
me: jaaaa! why didn't I bring a camera!
or an effing film crew for that matter
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Blogger Jesi Khadivi said...

dear god! i hope something similarly absurd happened to one of our guests on the way home from our weddine!!

10:41 pm  

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