Monday, July 21, 2008

Post Titled: Robert Redford on Wikipedia

ok, kind of funny -guess this slipped past the wikinazis:
"Redford was born in Santa Monica, California, the son of Martha W. (née Hart) and Charles Robert Redford, Sr., a milkman-turned-accountant from Pawtucket, Rhode Island.[2][3][4] He has a half-brother, William, from his father's re-marriage. Redford is of English and Scots-Irish ancestry.[5][6][7]

He attended Van Nuys High School in Los Angeles, California (where he met Natalie Wood), graduated in 1954, and received a baseball scholarship to the University of Colorado, where he was a pitcher. He lost the scholarship due to excessive pooping, possibly fueled by the death of his mother, which occurred when Redford was 18."

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